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Scanning Services
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Scanning & Document Management

Our Scanning Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • *Back-file Scanning $0.08/page.
  • Document Scanning: $0.12/page.

Prices are for Color/BW/Flatbed/ADF we do not charge extra for these.  
Disassembly and reassembly included for non-back-file services.

Additional Scanning Services:

  • OCR
  • Bates Stamping/ Image Endorsement
  • Document Management
  • File Organization
  • Online Storage
  • **Document Name Coding

*Back-file scanning is quick scanning for archival and back-up storage reasons. It is important to note that most vendors use 200dpi due to their use of older scanning technology which can scan faster at lower resolutions. Our scanners scan 200dpi and 300dpi at the same speed (considerably faster than the competition) which is why we perform back-file scanning at 300dpi.

** We can code and name your scanned files or documents in any format you prefer including: PO Number, Delivery Date, Client Name, Invoice Number, Document Identifier, Claim Number, Patient ID, and many more.

Scanning Delivery

At IDS we believe in fair pricing and are not known to add costs where they are not needed. That is why we recommend USB Flash Drives or External Hard Drives. You may provide your own* for delivery or we can provide them at cost. We also have the option to host your data on ShareFile for secured delivery. The cost is $30 for the first month, $20/month thereafter for 10Gb or less of data.

*If you provide your own Flash Drive or External we suggest a USB 3.0 rated device as it will copy faster and result in lower costs.

Turnaround Time

depending on the document types, condition, and volume of paper we are entrusted with IDS can dynamically expand its Production line to ensure we meet your deadline. While it is preferable to know your deadline at the beginning of the project we understand that things change and can adapt to changing deadlines as needed. Changing deadlines may incur additional charges.

Flexible Pricing

IDS Believes in meeting the demands of its customers at the most-reasonable cost possible. let us work with you to determine what the best solution is for your company at a cost that is sure to be unbeatable. Our flexible pricing means we can work to meet almost any budget!