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Production Management

For firms with no Litigation Support team or for firms looking to save money let Integrity Discovery Solutions manage your Productions. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, we offer detailed EDD processing, scanning, and e-Discovery, as well as full-range Litigation Support services.

Production Process

Electronically discovered data can be difficult to produce when both sides are unsure of how to get documents into and out of their review software. Using a third-party production management firm ensures that everyone is on the same page with an impartial point of view. Not all firms use the same review software, and when documents are produced incorrectly time and money are thrown out the window. IDS can prepare and convert your productions properly to ensure a perfect production every time.

Hidden Data

While Working in the field for over 15 Years our experts have found hidden data in productions hundreds of times. Everything from un-stamped documents embedded into PDFs to un-redacted documents that required Claw-backs to be issued. Don't let your hidden data end up in front of Opposing Counsel, call us today!

Conversion For Review

Converting Documents from one format to another can be difficult for firms to accomplish on their own. when documents come in native format they can't always be viewed properly, let alone sent to opposing counsel. Allow IDS to convert these documents into a uniform format, Such as PDF, or convert it for loading into your review platform.

Review Platform Acquisition

IDS has reviewed and learned over 30 online review platforms and can assist your firm in acquiring a web-based review platform detailed to your specific needs. Everything from per-matter platforms to Firm-wide addoptions are available. IDS always negotiates the best price for your Firm, with low over-head and a determination to be the best our prices are often the lowest.


Trust your e-Discovery needs to the skilled professionals at our company. We consistently monitor, review, and practice several steps within e-Discovery, following the guidelines to ensure that the information we receive is the exact information you deliver to your audience.


Information Management

Get your electronic data in order to mitigate risk should e-Discovery become an issue, with our information management services. From the initial creation of electronic information through its final disposition, our end-to-end litigation support specialists are there to help. Our information management process consists of the following steps:

  • Identification: Locating Potential Sources of Electronically Stored Information (ESI); Determining Its Scope, Broadness, & Depth
  • Preservation: Ensuring That All Data Is Protected against Inappropriate Alteration, Destruction, or Tampering
  • Collection: Gathering ESI Information for Processing, Review, Etc.
  • Processing: Reducing the Volume of Data & Converting It to a Form That Is More Suitable for Review and/or Analysis
  • Review: Evaluating Data for Relevance & Privilege
  • Analysis: Evaluating the Content & Context of Data, Looking for Key Patterns, Topics, People, & Discussion
  • Production: Delivering the Data to Others in Appropriate Forms & Using Appropriate & Secure Delivery Mechanisms
  • Presentation: Displaying Data to Audiences in a Legal Setting, in Native & near-Native Forms; to Provoke Further Information, Validate Existing Facts/Positions, or Persuade the Viewer(s)