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Process Serving

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Efficient Process Serving & Digital Forensics

Serve legal processes and lighten your firm's workload with Integrity Discovery Solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer consistent in-person process serving, attentive surveillance, and detailed digital forensics.

Signing Papers

Process Serving

Turn to the professionals at our company for legal process serving services. We take your legal documents, such as subpoenas and court summons, and serve them to the individuals. Our team will make several attempts to serve it.

Our team offers a more personal touch to the legal process. When sheriffs are in charge of process serving, they make only a couple attempts before pinning it to their door. In contrast, we make sure the serve is processed correctly and give it to recipients in person.


Go the extra mile with surveillance services by our company. We work with law firms to photograph and capture footage in cases when there is doubt about what the individual is claiming. For example, if you are working on a child custody case and you have doubts about a parent's claim that they can't see their child because they are busy working, our team will capture evidence of what is really happening for court. 

Digital Forensics

When used in a court of law, digital evidence falls under the same legal guidelines as other forms of evidence. It is unusual for courts to require guidelines that are more stringent. When considering the use of digital evidence, there are two factors that are to be taken under consideration: integrity and authenticity. We provide both.


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